Lacey Ausfresser

Care/Group Life Administrative Assistant

Lacey lives in Sykesville with her husband and two daughters.  When’s she’s not rocking out to Maverick City’s latest hit you can find her hiking with her husband or setting...

Student Leadership Team

Brings the student point-of-view

Plans and executes student ministry events and programming along student ministry staff.

Provides valuable insight of what works in student ministry.

Ministry/Department: LPS...

Database Team

Deftly delves into data

Helps keep our church-wide database up-to-date

Ministry/Department: n/a

Time Commitment: varies

Weekend/During week: During week

Age Limits: 18 and up



Rhythm and music virtuoso

The worship team welcomes anyone with spiritual gifts and talents of vocal or instrumental music to audition. If you are interested, you will be contacted for audition instructions...

Livestream Greeter

Makes the internet a friendlier place

Joins the Facebook or LifePoint Live stream as yourself during weekend service. Interacts with people on the streams by saying hello and chatting with them. Welcomes new people and...

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