Take your next step

Growing in our faith is a journey. Once we come to know Jesus,
we grow in relationship with Him and then disciple others to do the same.

We are all on the same path, but the journey may look different for each of us.
No matter where you are, there’s a next step that you can take!


Have you found Jesus yet? We are all born separated from God because of sin. But we can receive the gift of life by believing in Jesus.  The moment we believe that Jesus paid the penalty for our sins and offers us life that never ends, we are saved forever.


At Starting Point, your questions about God, faith and the Bible turn into real small group conversations, free from pressure or judgment. This could be the starting point of your own faith journey or a place to hit the reset button on your faith.


Baptism is an outward symbol of an inward reality. If you have believed in Jesus and are interested in publicly proclaiming being made new in Him, we hope you will join us at one of our baptism services. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!


As we grow in our faith, we all have questions. Am I really a Christian if I keep on sinning? How can I be sure I’m going to heaven? Foundations is for new believers or anyone wanting solid answers as they grow in their relationship with God.


We were created for community. When we choose to grow in relationship and to explore biblical truth in a group setting, we can experience life change. We offer a variety of groups and Bible studies in many locations and seasons of life.


We were created to make a difference! When we give generously of our time in the local church, it makes a difference in others. Join a volunteer team and discover ways to use your time, talent and gifts to influence others to find and follow Jesus. 


God is more interested in how we give rather than how much. When we give, we get to be part of something bigger than ourselves, not just here at our local church, but in our community and around the globe. We invite you in join us in making a difference.


When we step into leadership, we help people grow together in community – and we grow too! If you want to take the next step in building your faith, consider leading a group or becoming a volunteer leader. You can make a difference when you lead. 


Our life experiences and challenges can become stories that God uses to encourage others. Mentors aren’t necessarily older or wiser – they’re simply someone further along the path. T2 Mentors are available through women’s ministry. Contact us to learn more.

Upcoming Next Steps You Can Take

Answer questions about faith, find community, make a difference around you. 
No matter where you are on this journey, we’ve have a next step you can take.

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