Use your talents and experience to make a difference!

Join a Team – Make a Difference!

You were created to make a difference! God has uniquely shaped you with skills and experiences to use for His glory. Join a team and discover how to use your time, talent and gifts to influence others to find and follow Jesus. Plus, joining a team is a great way to get connected! Whether you’re a people person or prefer to be behind the scenes, there is a spot for you.

Our Family Life Teams influence kids, students and individuals with special needs to find and follow Jesus. If you have a heart for the next generation, this is the spot for you!

Our Weekend Experience Teams use their musical gifts, tech skills, and friendly faces to make our weekend service happen. If Sunday is your favorite day, this is your spot!

Not sure which LifePoint team is the best fit for you? We have Volunteer Coordinators that would love to meet with you and help you find the right team for you!

Other Ways to Serve

In addition to the above teams, we have many other volunteer opportunities, including on our Care Team, as a Small Group Leader, on our Prayer Team, or with one of our Local Outreach partners!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Old Do You Have to Be to Volunteer?

Children can begin volunteering in 4th grade, if a parent or guardian is also volunteering at the same time (does not need to be in the same area). Children younger than this may volunteer alongside their parents on our greeting team, at the discretion of our Guest Services Coordinator. We strongly encourage any kids or students who wish to volunteer to also attend a worship service with their own age group. 

Where Can Kids or Students Volunteer?

Kids/students ages 4th grade through 8th grade are welcome to volunteer when a parent is also volunteering (does not have to be in the same area). High school students who wish to volunteer do not need to have a parent volunteering as well.

Elementary-age volunteers

Kids in 4th grade and up may volunteer in our Preschool rooms.

Middle School Volunteers

Students in 6th grade and up may volunteer in our Preschool rooms and K-3rd grade rooms. Students in 7th grade and up may volunteer in our Toddler rooms, in our Preschool rooms, K-3rd grade rooms, in HUGS (special needs ministry) and in Guest Services.

High School Volunteers

Students in high school and up may volunteer in Toddler rooms through 5th grade rooms, in middle school in HUGS (special needs ministry), in Guest Services and in Weekend Service. Students age 18 and up may volunteer in our Infant rooms as well as all other areas.

Will I need a background check to volunteer?

If you are 18 or older and will be working with children or students in any capacity, or in our HUGS (Special Needs) ministry, we do require a criminal background check.

We also require criminal background checks for volunteers who are issued a key to our building or who hold certain leadership positions.

Do you have volunteer opportunities during the week?

Yes! We often have a need for office help during the week, from copying, to data entry or other tasks. We also have occasional need for light construction and painting help. Our White Glove Team cleans our LPKids areas during the week. There are also opportunities to provide childcare for our various group ministries and Bible studies.

How can I discover my spiritual gift?

If you’d like to explore the unique ways that God has shaped you, you can take this Spiritual Gifts Inventory.

Want to learn more about spritual gifts? Check out this sermon from our Out of the Bleachers series called Your Part to Play.


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