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We know that parents hold more influence in a student’s life than anyone else (even if your student doesn’t always like to admit it). That’s why it’s critical that we partner with parents in everything we do.

Curent and Upcoming Series Info

What We’re Talking About in Middle School


In this series, Never Give Up, we’re encouraging students to see that resilience is a part of their DNA. Middle schoolers may struggle in the face of challenges, as many of them will find themselves navigating difficult circumstances, rejection, or loss for the first time in this phase. That’s why encouraging them to know that God doesn’t give up on them and doesn’t want them to give up on themselves or others is so crucial to encourage them to keep going and keep growing in resilience.


In our series, The Whole Point, we’re diving in to the topic of freedom. This can be a tricky one for middle schoolers. They are right in the thick of balancing their own desires and choices with the reality that they don’t have total autonomy yet. That’s why it’s important to help them understand that when it comes to faith, there’s more freedom available than they might think. In fact, freedom is the whole point!


Middle schoolers find themselves living in an in between. They long for more freedom, more maturity, more people to see them as old enough to do just about anything. But in reality, they’re still learning, growing, and developing in so many areas. This can leave them feeling like they’ll never be old enough for big thing. That’s why in this series, we want to empower students with the truth they’re not too young to own and grow their faith.


Direct Message is a series designed to help students understand the way prayer connects them to God. This can be an abstract idea for students in this phase. Because they can’t physically see or hear God, it can be easy to think they aren’t really connected to God when they pray. The goal in this series is to help them understand that God is there, God is listening, and God wants to connect with them through prayer

What We’re Talking About in High School


Life can be tough sometimes. We know this because, well, we’re living it. So, how do you find ways to bounce back from life’s setbacks? It starts by being intentional about building resilience. In this series called, Never Give Up, we’ll take four weeks to help students understand resilience and learn how to build it. So students will be better equipped to bounce back from their next setback in life


What’s the best part of high school, and teenagers want more? FREEDOM! It’s true at every age, but it seems to be what we really want in high school. In this series, What I Really Want, students will discover how to use the freedom they already have in healthy ways that benefit themselves and those around them. Finding out that getting what they really want begins by realizing what true freedom is all about.


You’re only young once. But while you’re young, it’s easy to miss the beauty of it. In this series, Only The Young, we’ll look at what it means to own your faith, how to decide what your years of being young will be about, and why we all need the wisdom of someone older. The purpose of this series is to help students see how God wants them to make the most of being young.


It seems like everyone is sending thoughts and prayers nowadays, doesn’t it? Just because this idea is common doesn’t mean it’s comfortable. Haven’t we all wondered if we’re even getting this prayer thing, right? After all, is there even a wrong and right way to pray? In this series, we’ll discuss the simple power of honesty and authenticity when it comes to our personal experience of prayer.

Frequently Asked Parent Questions

What does Student Ministries at LifePoint do?

We are a community built to create connection for students in grades 6th-12th through large group events, small groups, and services with teaching and worship with the purpose of guiding student age kids to find and follow Jesus.

What are large group events?

Large group events are the Insta-grammable, fun experiences that create space for community and a place to invite people to church in an approachable way.

What are small groups and how do they work?

Small groups in student ministries are groups of 6-10 students that meet throughout the week that are led by vetted adults who are committed to investing in the spiritual and relational health of students using curriculum and resources supplied by LifePoint to invest in our students in a deeper way.

How can my student join a small group?

Visit our Group List to get your student enrolled and the leader of that group will connect with you about times and locations within 3-4 days. If you have not received contact please email and you will be connected with your student’s leader.

When are services and what should my student expect?
Student services happen in the Underground (basement) at LifePoint. Service for Middle School occurs at 9:30 am on Sunday morning; Service for High School occurs at 11:00 am. Our services generally are structured with some community time, a time for worship, and teaching scriptural principles from the Bible.

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