make a difference

We can do amazing things when we come together!

We need each other more than ever. There are so many ways we can make a difference, whether it’s providing financial support, helping stock local food pantries or simply calling to check on someone. There are lots of ways we can all be involved. Find yours today!

Donate to our Covid-19 Fund

All monies collected via this fund have been going to provide medical supplies and additional support to our local community partners on the front lines.

Loving our community - together!

When churches unite, we can do more together than we can apart! Love140 is a movement of local churches sharing resources and tangible ways of serving our community.

Join the Care Team

Whether you can help deliver groceries, pick up a prescription, make a meal or call to check in on a someone, there are lots of ways we can help our LifePoint family!


Our local partners are doing amazing good in our community. Learn more about some of the incredible organizations that we partner with.