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For further thought and discussion:

  1. Sometimes spiritual maturity is difficult to define. As a person grows, it’s clear that there should be an increasing resemblance to Jesus. Read 1 John 2:6. What does it mean to walk as Jesus walked?
  2. Take a few minutes to review and explain our process of discipleship at LifePoint Church. 1) Mission: To influence people to find and follow Jesus. 2) Strategy: Gather, Grow, Serve. 3) Goal: To produce Christ-like influencers. Describe how these pieces fit together.
  3. Take a stab at defining the word, influence. How does our church influence people to find and follow Jesus? In what ways are you an influencer? What is the opposite of an influencer?
  4. In this series, we will be describing a Christ-like influencer with 5 phrases: 1) Surrenders continually, 2) Loves extravagantly, 3) Invests relationally, 4) Gives generously, and 5) Engages with God daily. Explain what each of these descriptions means to you.
  5. Whom do you know personally that you would describe as a Christ-like influencer? What are they like? In what ways could you be described as a Christ-like influencer? How might you need to change in order to become a Christ-like influencer?

Song order:

  • Our Eyes by Mack Brock, Chris Brown, Stuart Garrard, London Gatch, and Wade Joye
  • All Things New by Mack Brock, Chris Brown, Wade Joye, and Ben Richter
  • Holy, Holy, Holy (Savior & King) by
  • You Found Me  by Jeremy & Kimberly Sorensen
  • Jesus, Son of God by Matt Maher, Chris Tomlin & Jason Ingram
  • Take Heart by Joel Houston

Christ-like Influencer

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