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For further thought and discussion:

  1. In what ways does our culture pressure us toward consumerism? How might a “me-oriented” perspective get carried over into our church experience?
  2. What do pizza delivery and Netflix have in common? Hint: think privacy and individualism. What are the benefits and consequences of privacy and individualism?
  3. Read Mark 10:45. Why is Jesus’ example of servanthood significant for you? Now read Galatians 5:13. What are the greatest obstacles to your serving others?
  4. In what sense is the following statement true: You can’t serve God without serving others? What insights can you discover from Matthew 25:35-40 and 1 John 4:20?
  5. One of the secrets of experiencing the joy of serving others is through the use of your spiritual gift. What is a spiritual gift? Read 1 Peter 4:10 and Romans 12:6. What do you think your spiritual gift might be?
  6. Remember the foundational verse for our Be Rich series (1 Timothy 6:18)? What are some ways you can serve others and Be Rich in good deeds?

Song Order:

  • Chasing You by Jenn Johnson, Daniel MacKenzie, Ian McIntosh, Jeremy Riddle, and Gabriel Wilson
  • Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace) by Edwin Othello Excell, Joel Houston, John Newton, John P. Rees, and Jonas Myrin
  • This I Believe (The Creed) by Ben Fielding and Matt Crocker

Be Rich

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