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For further thought and discussion:

  1. Why is it important to keep Jesus in the center of a church community? How does He get pushed to the outskirts? How do you keep Jesus in the center of your life?
  2. Jesus is to be the central focal point of our church community. Read Colossians 1:15-18. What do you learn about Jesus from these verses?
  3. Read 2 Timothy 2:15. What does it mean to be “approved to God?” How do you diligently present yourself to God? Compare 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 where Paul uses the negative word for approved: “disapproved.” What did Paul mean when he said he might be “disapproved” or “disqualified?”
  4. Notice that the text in 2 Timothy 2:15 also reminds us that we don’t have to be “ashamed.” What is shame? What other insights about shame can you find in Genesis 2:25? How has shame been at work in your life? How have you made progress to defeat shame?
  5. This is the final part of our series called, The Community You Can Be. What are your biggest take-a-ways from the series? What can you do personally to help our church community change for the better?

Song Order:

  • Open Up The Heavens by Meredith Andrews, Stuart Garrard, Jason Ingram, James McDonald, and Andi Rozier
  • Good Good Father by Anthony Brown and Pat Barrett
  • Miracles by Chris Quilala, Dustin Smith, Joshua Silverberg, and Stuart Garrard

The Community You Can Be

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