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For Further Thought and Discussion:

  1. What are some resolutions you have made in the past and have failed to follow through on?
  2. Have you ever been able to follow through on a resolution that has changed the way you are?  What was the difference between the successful one and the failed ones?
  3. Take some time and read Nehemiah 9.  What is the pattern you see among the Isrealites?  Do you see a similar pattern in your life?  How are they similar?
  4. Now read Nehemiah 9:38 and 10:28-39.  What do you think caused this group to make such a change?   Have you experienced this in your own life? Explain.
  5. What is the difference between a contract and a covenant?  Which one is stronger? Why?
  6. Read Galations 2:20.  What does it mean that you have been crucified with Christ and that you no longer live?  What does this have to do with promises or resolutions?
  7. Write down one application that you can take away from this time.  Make it specific and then share it with someone you trust that will keep you accountable to it.

Song Order:

  • Fierce by Chris Quilala, Joshua Silverberg, and Mia Fieldes
  • Holy Spirit by Bryan Torwalt and Katie Torwalt
  • Unstoppable Love by Christa Black, Skyler Smith, and Kim Walker-Smith
  • All Things New by Mack Brock, Chris Brown, Wade Joye, and Ben Richter

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Promises Promises Joe Laughlin 1/01/17