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For further thought and discussion:

  1. Why do we start things enthusiastically only to sometimes see them sabotaged by circumstances or our own poor choices? Can you think of something you started well but finished poorly?
  2. God worked through a united people (the Israelites) only to see them disintegrate through disunity. The seeds of the divided kingdom are expressed in 1 Kings 12:16. What were some of the reasons the kingdom of Israel divided into two separate kingdoms?
  3. The Israelites both in Israel and Judah not only were divided as a nation but also began to separate from their God. Read Joel 2:12-14. What is God’s heart toward people when they begin to move away from Him? When have you been divided in your loyalty toward God? How did you make you way back?
  4. Describe your life when you are tracking with God and are close to Him. What are your thoughts and attitudes when you are rebellious toward God?
  5. In the Old Testament, God used His prophets to speak to the people. How does God speak to you? Why is listening to God vital to a life lived well?
  6. Describe the difference between being divided in your human relationships and having a divided loyalty in your posture toward God. Read Jeremiah 3:6-9. What is spiritual adultery? Notice God’s words of commitment and love for His people in Jeremiah 3:14-15. How do you know God is moving toward you in love?

Song Order:

  • Good Good Father by Anthony Brown and Pat Barrett
  • What A Beautiful Name by Ben Fielding and Brooke Ligertwood
  • Waiting Here For You by Jesse Reeves, Martin Smith, and Chris Tomlin


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