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For further thought and discussion:

  1. If you’re already “in a fight”, what are you doing? Do you see any victories, large or small? If you’re feeling like you’re not “in the fight”, how can you get in? What is God putting on your heart?
  2. Some battles are external (injustice, corruption, poverty), but some come from within our own hearts. Read what Jesus said in Matthew 15:19. How do we fight against our own internal battles? How can we help others with their internal battles?
  3. Can Christians live their lives totally on the sidelines of the fight? What would that look like? What are the consequences of not engaging? Why do some Christians seem to not engage in the fight?
  4. What are the benefits of “getting in a fight”? Who wins when Christians fully engage in fights? What are the costs of fighting?
  5. Spend some time with God on this subject. Are there some fights going on around you that you can impact? Are you engaging in them with God’s mighty weapons (2 Cor. 10:3-4, Eph. 6)? Pick a fight! Ask God to use you in the fight in mighty ways!
  6. If you’re interested in student and/or orphan sponsorship through one of our partners or visiting our partners on one of our short term teams, you can learn more on our website: http://lifepointchurch.us/serve-my-world/

Song Order:

  • This Is Amazing Grace by Josh Farro, Jeremy Riddle, and Phil Wickham
  • Death Was Arrested by Adam Kersh, Brandon Coker, Heath Balltzglier, and Paul Taylor
  • Unstoppable Love by Christa Black, Skyler Smith, and Kim WalkerSmith

Come Out Fighting

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Come Out Fighting Joe Paschal and Panel 5/17/17