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For further thought and discussion:

  1. When a person is about leave or even about to die, their last words can be significant and memorable. Before Jesus ascended into heaven, He gave the marching orders for all who would believe in Him. Read Matthew 28:19-20. How are you doing what Jesus said to do?
  2. Around LifePoint Church we often remind each other of our mission which is based on Jesus’ Great Commission. We say it this way, “To influence people to find and follow Jesus.” Explain in your own words what this means.
  3. Churches can increasingly feel comfortable with church people. Why is it important for our church to create an environment where lost people feel welcomed? How do we do that?
  4. Too often Christians migrate from church to church. Instead of those churches growing by reaching lost people, they often grow by just “rearranging the furniture in God’s house.” Why do Christians sometimes move from church to church? Is this preventable or is it just a fact of life?
  5. Around LifePoint we describe the behavior of a Christ-like influencer with 5 phrases: 1) Surrenders continually, 2) Loves extravagantly, 3) Invests relationally, 4) Gives generously, and 5) Engages with God daily. Explain what each of these descriptions means to you.
  6. Whom do you know personally that you would describe as a Christ-like influencer? What are they like? In what ways could you be described as a Christ-like influencer? How might you need to change in order to become a Christ-like influencer?

Song Order:

  • Desert Song by Brooke Fraser
  • Beautiful Exchange by Joel Houston
  • Resurrecting by Christopher Brown, Mack Brock, Matt Ntele, Steven Furtick, and Wade Joye
  • With Everything by Joel Houston


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