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How can I serve in Ventureland?

There are many opportunities for serving in Ventureland: Small Group Leaders, Large Group Presenters, Room Coaches, Greeters and Tech team members are needed to run our weekend programming. To find where you can best use your gifts, take this survey or watch this short video. You can also contact the Volunteer Coordinator.

Where will my kids go when I serve?

Your kids are welcome to stay in class for both services if they are in the Gardens, KidPoint, or Quest. There is alternate programming available for Kindergarten through 3rd grade kids at the second services. Students in 4th grade or older have the opportunity to serve in our classrooms. If you have a student who is in 4th grade or higher, please let the Volunteer Coordinator know so he/she can be placed.

Is my student eligible to serve?

If you are serving in Ventureland, Student Ministries, or HUGS during a weekend service, your 4th-8th grade student is eligible to serve in Ventureland. High school students can serve regardless of whether or not their parent is serving.

Why are all Ventureland volunteers asked to commit to a consistent weekly schedule?

We strive to create as much consistency for our kids as we can. We want our kids and their parents to be known by their leader, and weekly serving is the best way to accomplish this.

Why do I need to do a background check to serve in Ventureland?

The church’s policy for anyone serving with children under the age of 18 is to complete a background check through our secure background check company. This ensures the safety of our children.

Why do you need my social security number for my background check?

Your social security number is required by the company we use to run the check. LifePoint church staff does not have access to these numbers.